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So You Want to Get an X-Pole


Myo Than X pole Polestars


You’ve started pole dancing classes and you’re pretty much addicted. Addicted to the point that while you’re walking down the street or driving you’re scoping out the neighborhood for a pole that will fulfill your needs (pole dancing needs that is, ha-ha). Well look no further because you can take the pole home with you! In fact, you can take the pole just about anywhere that has a floor and ceiling, and you’re in luck because most places do have floors and usually ceilings!


After I started pole dancing, it only took me one month to convince me to buy an X-Pole for myself. I researched online, looked up a few YouTube videos, because I was wary on how stable it would be and how hard it would be to set up. Well, my results proved that it would be worth the investment, and it definitely is! Here are some advantages and disadvantages on the X-Pole.




-You can take it just about anywhere that has a floor and ceiling up to 9’

-You can still put it on popcorn ceiling; it’ll come off a little but no real damage

-Because you can take it anywhere, you can leave it in your car, and show off to your friends every chance you get (I do this because I’m weird, and super addicted. Someone should just make a pole dancer’s anonymous)

-If you’re feeling too lazy to drive to class, just work out at home

-It’s very easy to set up, the first time takes about 15 minutes, but once you understand how to put it together it takes less than 5 minutes

-It’s easy to transport and store away

-It can be stationary or spin

-It can support from 250-300LBS

-You can also get a vaulted ceiling adapter if you have a pesky slanted ceiling in your home

-It’ll make you a bomb pole dancer because you can practice it more at home

-You can teach your mom, grandma, or your boyfriend might hop on it (surprisingly, guys like pole fitness as well)




-You must make sure your home is very cold throughout the day because the one thing I’ve come into trouble with is that if its hot during the day and you decide to turn the air on at night, the condensation will make your pole slightly slippery and hard to grip, even without lotion and applying a lot of Dry Hands, or other grip products. (On those days you may not be able to invert without slipping, but you can still do conditioning exercises)

-(This one isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, but rather a warning) Make sure you use a leveler to install the X-Pole to insure it’s installed straight because if its slightly slanted and you are spinning a lot or pulling it in one direction too much it might fall, it won’t be crazy, but just be careful!


As you can see there are little disadvantages, so it’s an awesome investment for your inner pole-addict. I unfortunately have it bad that I still seek out random poles on the street and get on. I’m not sure if my friends get embarrassed or impressed but I know I do have a problem.

Hi, my name is Myo, and I’m a pole dancing addict.


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