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How Pole Changed My Life


Rashida The Pole Poet 

I always feel awkward about introductions BUT they must be done so, here goes: I am 23 years young, a full time student, musician, and Polestar. Truthfully, besides my lovely apartment on the beach, my life is a rather chaotic right now—but its ok, I have pole! I fully realize how cheesy that might sound but I have never loved an activity more. Ok I am lying. I also love cooking, eating and making music but as far as physical fitness is concerned I have never experience a more invigorating, challenging, and inspiring work out than Pole Artistry. When I first started going to Polestars, I had recently moved from a small town in New York to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


I moved from New York because I had fallen into a bit of depression and I was convinced the cure was a warm sunny change of pace. I was not incorrect but when I first arrived to Fort Lauderdale, I was still mildly depressed. I spent the first 6-8 months just going to school, struggling to find work, and watching Netflix. Then I was given a Groupon for Polestars from my boyfriend…I went to the first class…and the rest is history! Kidding. I went to the first class and the next day, I felt like dying. However, even being so close to death (lol) I had never felt so alive! I remember the first days of class with Susana thinking, “Man she makes it look so easy, am I ever going to be that good?” and wishing I could just be her for a day. I decided then and there that I WOULD be a Polestar one day; that day Pole Artistry became a part of my identity and now roughly a year later, I cannot imagine my life without it.


Now I feel that it is important to stress that pole is pain but, in the wise words of my favorite rap artist Jay-Z “Pain is pleasure.” Well, for those of us who are slightly sadistic, hahaha! No but seriously, it is not the kind of pain that kills you, it is the pain of releasing all of the invisible things inside you that hold you back and make your heart heavy. I have cried in class a couple times during stretching and such but, it has never actually been from the pain; it has always been from the meditative place stretching takes you. There is a lot of pain in everyone’s life and everyone deals with their pain differently; I pole it out. I pole out every hurtful word, every self-doubt, every set back, and every let down; I pole out every little thing that is wrong in my life and by the time I get in my car to go home, my life is changed. I have my moods—what woman doesn’t—but it is not the same kind of hopeless depression I experienced before. Anytime I feel like I just cannot do something or start to get down on myself I hit the studio and learn something amazing and know that I can do whatever it is that I thought previously that I could not.


So, that is my introduction; that is why I pole, why I could never ever imagine not poling. I hope it inspires you to take a chance on Pole Artistry and Pole Fitness yourself!