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Making Your Bad Side Better


Myo Than Polestars


About two months ago I was slightly intoxicated, overly-confident, and wanted to show off that I could do my right side split. Which, I definitely accomplished, with a consequence of pulling my hamstring in my right thigh. Ouch! I thought, “Okay, it didn’t hurt too bad”, but I felt tension and pain by just walking around for a couple weeks. The obvious pain disappeared, but the injury still prevented me from even doing basic lunge stretches. One month later I came to the unfortunate and sad conclusion that I will no longer be able to split… Or so I thought.


So I talked to one of the instructors at Polestars, Katie. She told me she’s done the same thing, and it took over 6 months for her injury to heal. At first, hearing this story was very discouraging to think I wouldn’t be able to be as flexible for months, and the thought that my pretty tricks, like doing a jade split would become ugly. Fortunately, there is an upside to the story, as well as two lessons I’ve learned from this experience: always stretch, and to work hard to make your bad side better.


We all know how difficult it is to work on your bad side, or how reluctant some of us can be because becoming more flexible can be painful itself.  Slowly but surely, I’ve kept off my right thigh, and focused more on pushing my left side more than I used to. I don’t have a completely clean left side split yet, but it’s so close I can feel the cold wood on my skin. When I look in the mirror, I look as if I’m about only 2” away from the floor, which is much closer than I have ever been. Hopefully, after my right side heals, I will be able to achieve both side splits. Then onto the most dreadful straddle split.