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Polestars News Week of August 9th to August 16th


Take a moment before leaving the studio to make sure you haven't left any items (water bottles, mats, socks, etc.)

Some grips are harder to remove than others.  Please be mindful of your fellow polers :)

Mats = $2
Towels = $1
If you have a current unlimited membership, mat and towel rentals are complimentary :)



Saturday August 15th 8pm-10pm
Performers: Sign up for your spot at the front desk

Top 3 Reasons to Perform

  1. It’s a perfect opportunity to pole in your best gear (no sweatpants here)
  2. It’s great preparation for your next competition, performance or the Fall recital
  3. You’ll be glad you did it!

Game time!!!
Get your challenging tricks and combos ready.  If your opponent can’t learn your moves, you just might win a prize and bragging rights until the next event :)

Remember to cancel NO LATER THAN 12 hours prior to the start of class.  All late cancels (including no-shows) will be charged a $9 cancellation fee.

* Shift happens aka Saturday update:

Jump HIIT w/  Susana at 9am
Pole Virgins w/ Joscelyn at 10am
Flexibility Training w/ Joscelyn at 11:15am
Pole (Intermediate/Advanced) at 12:30pm

* Rafaela returns this week!
Sign up for Intermediate/Advanced Pole with her
Tuesday at 11am and Thursday at 11am


Private lessons are worth their time in gold.  Although the group class setting might be better than working alone, working with a professional is a fast way to conquer tough tricks and clean your technique.

Private training is the most effective way to train, as lesson plans are completely customized to YOUR physiology.  For those of you who are not ready to switch completely into full time private training, we encourage a monthly session to complement your group class trainings. 

Your instructor will assess your current ability, discuss current challenges, and assign a plan tailored to your specific needs.  Both weekly and/or monthly private lessons will increase your pace of improvement and are highly recommended.

Click here to book yours today

OUR OFFICIAL HASHTAG is #888POLESTARS and you can find us on Twitter and Instagram @888Polestars... Share the love! 

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See you in class!


Tired of the Same Old Holiday Photos? Come to Polestars for Sexy Holiday Photos

polestars santa baby photoshoot



We are spicing up this holiday photo shoot with fun accessories, props, naughty costumes, the "North Pole" and a surprise visit by Mr. Santa himself!


Book your 1 hour photo shoot today because space is limited!


Check out the photos from our Halloween photo shoot and see what all the fuss is about. You won't be dissapointed.

Karla Campos

Why Jump?


Kangoo boots used at Polestars Jumpstars class



Jumpstars... Lose Weight While Having Fun!


You might be thinking: Why Jump? There are hundreds of other exercises out there I can do to lose weight.


You are right, there are hundreds of exercises that you can do to lose weight but jumping with Kangoo boots is actually FUN! You don't have to know any fancy dance moves to join a class that incorporates Kangoo boots, which means anyone can join. Here at Polestars we provide the boots in our Jumpstars class so you don't even have to own your own boots to reap in the benefits.


Women and men of all shapes and sizes can use Kangoo boots and studies actually show that if you use Kangoo boots to jog that you reduce your risk of injury because they are designed to decrease impact on your joints.


Jumping = Longevity?


Most people are concerned with aging, heck the story of Snow White is all about one woman's obsession with staying young and beautiful. The entire Snow White evil step mother fiasco could have been avoided with Kangoo boots, who knew? (Joke).


People today really want to look young, what if I told you that doing exercise while wearing Kangoo boots is actually putting your skin to exercise. When you Jump, the rebounding movement  is teaching your skin to rebound. What in the world does skin rebounding mean? It means your skin is training its ability to be elastic (flexible), it is learning to stretch and contract. As we age, the elasticity of our skin begins to diminish causing sagging and loose skin. Don't call the plastic surgeon just yet, take Jumpstars instead : )


Jumpstars = weight loss, muscle tone, firm skin and fun

or as I like to put it

Jumpstars = Longevity


Jumping Makes You Happy


Feeling down or depressed? Go use some Kangoo boots with friends or join a class and watch that frown turn upside down. I can tell you many stories about times I have been down and taking a Jumpstars class has helped in just one hour.  I call it the one hour to happiness, it feels like you sweat and jump your troubles away.


Let me know in the comments about your experience with Kangoo boots or if you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them for you.



kangoo boots polestars florida



Take any 3 classes at Polestars for $39


Kangoo Boots are a product of Kangoo Jumps, here at Polestars we use Kangoo boots for our Jumpstars program.



Fly Gym is coming to Polestars, are you ready?

Polestars is launching Fly Gym at their Hollywood Florida location in August of 2013, are you ready?

Fly Gym is a structured program that helps you build flexibility and makes pole conditioning fun. Thanks to the comfortable slings you will encounter a new world of movement capabilities.

Get those pole moves faster,

release emotions and stress,

increase your flexibility,

the possibilities are endless!

Joleen Usher

Don't compare - be wonderfully you!