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Pole’s Lucy’s Keeper


Lucy Wong Polestars Pole Fitness


Hello fellow polestars and the fabulous people of South Florida! I want to introduce myself. I am Lucy, a not so recent graduate of FIU’s School of Journalism but currently employed as a Compliance Analyst, and as of a week ago engaged to my significant other of six years and 8 months. My hobbies include bargain hunting, organizing, watching movies, writing, traveling and my ever enduring love for food which also means more eating out, working out, cooking and traveling so that I may find and eat more exotic and delicious food!


Because of my obsession with food I was never a thin person, but I was never obese either. I was my heaviest during my early twenties when I weighed between 142 and 145 pounds. I am only 5’2 ft. I would periodically exercise but never changed my diet or kept the weight off long-term. I yo-yoed between 132 and 135. I’m pretty obsessive compulsive and have probably read about 85% of the dieting do’s and don’ts, but I looked at exercise as a chore and not a “weigh of life” until 2013.


My now fiancé had then left for Tallahassee to finish Law School so I was to live alone with my adorable and furry companion, my cat Houdini. I vowed to lose weight because it was always a lingering goal and now I had no excuses. I realized that I did not want to enter into my 30s overweight because it’s easier to lose weight while you’re young than later, when you’re older.


I knew that to make exercise a priority that I would have to make it a part of my lifestyle. I bought an elliptical and spinning bike. I joined a gym and went during my lunch hour. I joined fitness classes including kickboxing, yoga, spinning, step aerobics, Pilates, Cross Fit and eventually pole. I knew I had to get moving!


I’ve found pole to be the most fascinating and delightful. See my blog on “What Poled You in”. I also enjoyed kickboxing and spinning but pole was the most interesting, graceful, challenge consistent and fun. I found that as I increased my strength from other activities that it all assisted me in becoming stronger and better at pole.


I don’t consider myself great at pole but with every practice, week and month I am becoming stronger, healthier and more energetic. I now look at exercise as a priority for longevity, energy, health and feeling and being great! Being able to perform the cool pole moves and being at a healthy weight is just a bonus! Psst, I now weigh between 122 and 125 pounds. What are some of your struggles with exercise and what would make it a keeper? Let me know in the comments below.

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