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What Poled You In?!


Lucy Wong Polestars Pink Power Ranger


There are two very apparent elements to pole. There is the obvious sensuality and sexiness that one commands when prancing around a 45 to 55mm, shiny silver pole, whilst wearing 5-inch stilettos. There is also the fact that you’re wearing booty shorts and a skin baring top because that’s how you “stick to the pole”, but there’s the other side of pole. The artistry side. Pole has this gymnastic and ballet-like art dynamic that continues to intrigue me day-by-day.


When I was ten I wanted to be Kim, the Mighty Morphin Pink Power Ranger. Maybe it’s because pink is mysteriously feminine in nature or that she was a female bad ass or that she got to swing around and kick the Putty Patrol. Whatever it was, Kim always did it gracefully and in style. I remember practicing splits, cartwheels and front handsprings shortly after. I felt pretty defeated when I realized the starting age of most gymnasts was probably five. I harbored the dream of also swinging around ever so gracefully and saving the earth, but sure enough much like that of a Toy Story Movie, we grow up and forget most of those childhood passions.


Fast forward to the present and I still find something beautiful and graceful about pole. When someone inverts, splits, holds his or her body weight while slowly transitioning from one move to the next, the pointed toes, the straight lines, the strength, the agility, the power. This type of body art continues to ooh and awe me. Maybe as adults we never truly let go of our inner child but whatever it is, I find pole fulfilling and enjoyable. So while you may have never dreamed of being the Pink Ranger, what poled you in? Let me know in the comments.



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