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Do We Fear Pole?


polestars blogger Lucy Wong do we fear pole


Recently an Instagram friend commented that she was interested in trying pole but that she was also “too intimated and scared”. I remember those feelings all too well. I can’t pinpoint the origins of my initial fears. Whether it be from hearing random stories of women needing a neck brace after falling on their head while trying to impress their significant other with a trick, my slight fear of heights that sometimes leaves me in a panic when rock climbing, my aversion towards bruising and how it’s just not pretty, or that somehow I can imagine myself being the one flying off the pole and hurting myself. Whatever it was, I had my fears.


I remember thinking that perhaps others would judge me for not looking like a “pole dancer” or worse yet that I’d judge myself, but pole has taught me to focus on myself. I realized that if I spent less time being concerned about others and what they’re doing then I’d have more time to enjoy, learn from and transform myself. I also realized that pole dancers come in all shapes, sizes and even ages. From college age to happy grandma age, from size 2 to size 10, from Amazonian tall to shorties like me; everyone has their own pizazz and beauty because as the saying goes it “enables you to find yourself and lose yourselfat the same time”.


It also crossed my mind that I could never be that good at pole, but at this point I enjoy it so much that it is a daily challenge. When you do something enough times you will improve at it. I am challenged to continue, to get stronger, to see how far I’ve come and can go. I haven’t hit myself as I feared. I haven’t fallen. I have bruised, but I look back now and see progression. Pole is a keeper (see “Pole’s Lucy’s Keeper”). My friend’s a new mommy. That’s a part of her now, plus if she can survive pregnancy then why let a little doubt hinder her curiosity?


When did doubt not stop you before?


What were some of your initial fears about pole and how did you overcome them? Let me know in the comments below. 



Pole’s Lucy’s Keeper


Lucy Wong Polestars Pole Fitness


Hello fellow polestars and the fabulous people of South Florida! I want to introduce myself. I am Lucy, a not so recent graduate of FIU’s School of Journalism but currently employed as a Compliance Analyst, and as of a week ago engaged to my significant other of six years and 8 months. My hobbies include bargain hunting, organizing, watching movies, writing, traveling and my ever enduring love for food which also means more eating out, working out, cooking and traveling so that I may find and eat more exotic and delicious food!


Because of my obsession with food I was never a thin person, but I was never obese either. I was my heaviest during my early twenties when I weighed between 142 and 145 pounds. I am only 5’2 ft. I would periodically exercise but never changed my diet or kept the weight off long-term. I yo-yoed between 132 and 135. I’m pretty obsessive compulsive and have probably read about 85% of the dieting do’s and don’ts, but I looked at exercise as a chore and not a “weigh of life” until 2013.


My now fiancé had then left for Tallahassee to finish Law School so I was to live alone with my adorable and furry companion, my cat Houdini. I vowed to lose weight because it was always a lingering goal and now I had no excuses. I realized that I did not want to enter into my 30s overweight because it’s easier to lose weight while you’re young than later, when you’re older.


I knew that to make exercise a priority that I would have to make it a part of my lifestyle. I bought an elliptical and spinning bike. I joined a gym and went during my lunch hour. I joined fitness classes including kickboxing, yoga, spinning, step aerobics, Pilates, Cross Fit and eventually pole. I knew I had to get moving!


I’ve found pole to be the most fascinating and delightful. See my blog on “What Poled You in”. I also enjoyed kickboxing and spinning but pole was the most interesting, graceful, challenge consistent and fun. I found that as I increased my strength from other activities that it all assisted me in becoming stronger and better at pole.


I don’t consider myself great at pole but with every practice, week and month I am becoming stronger, healthier and more energetic. I now look at exercise as a priority for longevity, energy, health and feeling and being great! Being able to perform the cool pole moves and being at a healthy weight is just a bonus! Psst, I now weigh between 122 and 125 pounds. What are some of your struggles with exercise and what would make it a keeper? Let me know in the comments below.

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