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No Oil, No Lotion in Pole




A few updates, last week I was crowned the Pole Poet, a title I was very flattered to accept. I have also been out of town for a week and experienced intense Pole withdrawal. Mainly I want to put you lovely ladies on to a few laws I've learned:


  1. Bruises and Soreness is normal.
  2. If it looks pretty, it probably hurts like hell (at least in the beginning).
  3. Flexibility makes EVERYTHING easier, so stretch!
  4. If at first you don’t succeed, try again (you'll get it..eventually!)
  5. No oil, no lotion…EVER!


No. 5 is the so important, for your safety, and others. I do not care how good your skin looks in your body shimmer from Bath & Body Works or how great you smell in your Viva La Juicy lotion. I promise you this, you WILL NOT look good when you slip off your pole and come crashing to the ground and you will feel like the worst person ever when the woman who uses the pole after you does the same thing. Now, you may think I am being funny and I am because, funny anecdotes stick with people but this really is a matter of life and death. Just the other day I was at class and doing a fallback from about 6 or 7 feet above the ground – a move I literally have been doing perfectly for a year now – and the pole slipped right out of my thighs and slid down! I could have seriously injured myself but since I had been practicing my hand stands for a few months I was able to catch myself at the final second. Between you and me it still wasn’t even a full catch, my arms felt like spaghetti; all because of a slippery pole. I hope this blog stands out enough in your minds to remind you NOT to wear lotion to the studio... And before practicing, be sure to clean the pole with the high alcohol proof you can find. Polestars provides 91% proof alcohol. Clean your poles!

Note to Newbies:

Do not wear lotion/oil on pole training days... Not on your skin or hair! 

Have a pole and lotion story to share with me? Leave your story in the comments : )