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Why Not Co-ed

Polestars florida coed pole classes 

Recently my friend commented that his friend also does pole, but I was surprised that his studio only offered co-ed classes on certain days of the week. It was also the only studio in Jacksonville that offered that option for men. It made me wonder, “Why not?” The only answer I could think of was sexual orientation.


I can’t quite remember a straight man seriously wanting to partake in pole that didn’t involve the opposite sex. Whether it’s ogling her splits, lusting after her bare skin, somehow capturing a future date or being smitten by her sensuality it usually involved an incentive of some kind. I can see why some women are turned off by the idea of having straight men spectate their pole classes.


Gay men, however, wouldn’t hit on or want a woman in that same sense so that’s not an issue, and if it was a matter of sexual orientation then what about gay women? Pole classes aren’t offered based on a sexual orientation checkbox. It shouldn’t be, and consider that men are naturally and physically built with more upper body strength than women. If anything men have an easier ability to perform fancier and stronger pole moves. Granted, women can do so too, but likely with more practice. Men could teach women a thing or two and likewise, vice versa. So what else could it be?


Are women threatened by gay men? I doubt this because they are both interested in different men. What if a gay man was more confident than a woman; could this be an issue? If a gay man, despite not having the same rights as a woman, can be confident then women should applaud his example. Why be threatened, jealous or have an issue when someone else has twice as many obstacles to bypass than you? If anything applaud such perseverance because it’s not easy being a woman either.


And finally, does it have anything to do with religion or beliefs? If so, then consider that there is someone out there right now who probably believes that you shouldn’t or don’t deserve something in this life. This person could even be your mother or sister. Remember that this is about the greatness that is pole because quite frankly I believe some people aren’t qualified to work at my office, but I still have to work with them. So really, why not co-ed?


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