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Welcome! We are so happy to have you join us. We guarantee that with regular POLESTARS practice you will transform your physique, change your mind, uplift your emotions and improve your life. Come ready to challenge your body and conquer your mind, it's time to sweat and have a great time!


At POLESTARS, we practice a unique set of classes that you won’t find at a gym. We are a workout in disguise.

Though you may be attracted to certain classes, we highly recommend you explore all as each will compliment the body in a unique way. The synergy between our classes and students is a special one. Indulge. We guarantee a total wellness transformation that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with.


Each class ranges from 60-90 minutes. Every class is challenging to the entire room (even the most advanced students) so there is no need to be nervous or critical of yourself. In fact you do not need to concern yourself with any lack of flexibility or strength, each program is designed for beginners of all shapes and sizes in mind. Each class is a practice. This means that it’s about doing your best.. every move, every class. Soon you will develop everything you need (including the strength and the flexibility) to not only look but more importantly feel good because everything you need is already inside of you.


  • We start class on time, in fact, the class door locks within minutes after the scheduled class time so be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes before class starts to park, register and get familiar with the studio.


  • You will need a mat, hand towel, and water. We have all of these items and more available to buy or rent so don’t stress if you forget something.  Plus, we will loan you a mat and towel at no cost on your first visit.


  • Avoid eating 3-4 hours before taking class. If needed, a light snack such as fruit 1-2 hours before class is best.


  • Come to class well hydrated. Prepare to drink plenty of water after class.


  • Always dress appropriately. Detailed info can be found on the “CLASSES” page


  • After your first class, come back and take your second class as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours. Make up your mind to complete 10 classes as quickly as possible. After these 10 classes you won’t need further convincing. You will see and feel first hand just how beneficial our special classes are.


  • Most importantly... dont be nervous! Each program is designed for beginners, so after a few weeks of practice you will feel right at home.

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How many times a week should I take a pole class?
A minimum of 3 classes a week if you want to progress. If you come less than this, you will still receive a fun and effective workout. However, a minimum of 3 classes a week is recommended to build your muscle memory which will improve your technique.

I have no arm strength, Can I take a pole class?
Yes, you will build plenty of strength in your pole classes. In the beginning you will do more conditioning than tricks, this is how we prep the muscles to perform the way we need. Keep in mind that everything you need is already inside of you. Keep practicing and don't give up.

I'm overweight, can I take a pole class?
Yes, but keep in mind that every student must develop the strength to control their body weight. If you desire to loose weight we highly recommend you take JUMPSTARS & HULA HOOP CARDIO to burn the extra weight off. If you do not wish to loose weight, then continue with pole classes and soon you will develop the strength needed. 


Is it normal to have bruises and burns?
Yes, your skin will adjust, your technique will improve and your movements will become more controlled. As a result the bruising and peeling will become less frequent.  Keep in mind that this is an acrobatic sport, these issues are normal and commonplace...without pain there is no gain. If you don’t want to go thru this we recommend you try another class.

You’ll be barefoot until you are comfortable with walks, spins, climbs and inverts. At that point you may incorporate the added weight with pole-approved heels.  We sell various styles at the studio.


My hands sweat so much, I can’t do the movement, what do I do?

We sell Dry Hands, a grip solution, designed specifically for this reason.


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Why do I feel dizzy/nausea?
Make sure you breath deeply at all times, never lock up your breath or tense up. Secondly, inverting will help the body move toxins and as a result you may experience uneasiness. This is more of a reason to come back, this will improve as the health of your body improves. Drink plently of water after class to hydrate and help flush out toxins. Lastly, make sure you don’t eat 2-3 hours before class as you will be going up side down.


I have no arm strength, Can I take this class?
Yes, you will build all the strength you need in this class all while improving flexibility, alignment and stress.   


Is there meditation?
Yes. If you’d like to focus on the tricks and aerial artistry, we recommend you take Aerial Dance (see below)

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Why do I feel dizzy/nausea?
Make sure you breath deeply at all times, never lock up your breath or tense up. Secondly, inverting will help the body move toxins and as a result you may experience uneasiness. This is more of a reason to come back, this will improve as the health of your body improves. Drink plenty of water after class. Lasty, make sure you don’t eat 2-3 hours before class as you will be going up side down.

Can beginners take this class?

Sure! You’ll develop all the physical skills needed with practice.


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Do I have to buy the boots?

No! Currently, all boots rentals are included in the purchase of your membership or class package.


I have bad knees/hip issues.. can I still do it?

All depends on the severity. Though the boots reduces 80% of the impact to all joints, we still advise you to consult your physician.   

I have terrible balance, will I fall?

Kangoo provides a ton of benefits and one is improved balance.  The boot is actually wider than your foot.  Let your instructor know that it is your fist time and he/she will give you the specific guidelines to get you jumping in no time.


I dont have tall cotton socks, can I still take the class?  

Sure, socks are available for rent at the studio. 


Can I eat before class?

We highly recommend you do not eat 2-3 hours before class. You food should be fully digested in time for class.


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I have never been flexible, can I still take this class?

Definately! in fact, you will benefit greatly from this class.  Flexibility classes are hard to come by, however the benefits are remarkable.  The human body is not designed to be tense and strained. Though the class is challenging you’ll receive many benefits. many of which you will feel immediately after class!


Will I ever be able to do a split?

Yes, this class taken 3 times a weeks combined with a minimally processed diet will get you to your split faster.


Why do I cry when stretching?

Not only can tension be caused by physical circumstances, it can be caused by emotional events as well. Different emotions can store into different areas of the body. The good thing is that stretching will help release these blockages, as a result you will feel much better.


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Can I have a hula hoop party? 

Yes, we offer Hula Hoop parties for all ages! Visit the PARTY page for more information.

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