Stephanie instructs the following:
  • Pole Circuit is the energizing pole circuit training that makes you feel strong. sexy and accomplished. Combining static and stationary dance poles along with our approachable instructors you get huge excitement, encouragement and motivation to build the courage and strength needed to be a POLESTAR! Our unique approach to circuit training push fat burning systems into high gear followed by skin conditioning and muscle conditioning tracks that SHAPE, tone and prepare your mind and body for the POLESTAR Journey ahead!
    PREREQUISITE: None! Whether you are new to fitness or an experienced fitness aficionado, this class will help you build the stabilization, strength, power, skin, grip and mindset to progress in POLESTARS.

    DRESS CODE: Comfy stretchy shorts are required. No lotions or oils on body as these products prevent grip. We prefer to train barefoot however if you require sneakers bring them along with a yoga mat and hand towel. Members receive complimentary yoga mats and hand towels.

    PREPARATION: Make sure to give yourself 2-4 hours to digest your food prior taking class. The actual time needed will depend on what you eat.

    Your mindset is everything. Your body responds to the thoughts you entertain, both consciously and subconsciously. Practicing mindfulness will help you improve the skill of observing your thoughts so that you can elevate them and as a result Uplift your experience in class. A easy way to test what your mind has been up to is to assess your feeling/s after class. If you feel emotions like happiness, excitement, hopeful, powerful, courageous and/or energized your mind has been in an elevated place, great! If you feel discouraged, weak, hopeless, afraid, and/or low energy then you have some mindful home work to complete!

    Suchi Morales is the program director and studio owner for 10 years. Suchi has been an instructor for 17 years and hold certifications in performance optimization, mindfulness, group fitness, personal training, women's health, behavior change and nutrition optimization. If you have any questions and/or want to schedule a one-on-one meet you can text directly at 954-260-1464.

  • Enjoy a personalized teaching approach to Polestars Series - our signature pole dance and fitness syllabus. It is a two-hour, open format class where you’ll receive customized instruction and plenty of space in-between to focus and train.

    It is a very common fallacy that you need to have full body strength to begin practicing pole. The major factor in succeeding versus failing is your level of willpower, commitment and discipline. With your development of inner strength, outer strength will be achieved in time. Whether you are new to pole or prepping for competition, our method was designed to drive results.

    Students are not required to arrive at or stay for a set period of time. However, keep in mind students must complete a 15 minute warm up series. This is a self-led warmup and must be completed BEFORE touching the pole.

    After warm up, an intimate environment is created between you and your teacher as individual instruction is provided in rotation. During this time the instructor will assess your challenges, strengths, and skills. You will then be assigned a workout tailored to your level.

    To succeed in this special class you must develop open communication and trust with your instructor. Stay present and enjoy the journey of your practice. New levels of Beauty, Power, Strength, Fun and Achievement await.

    We request all students to bring a journal to every class and track individual progress. Students will be assigned *homework* in the form of exercises/drills to complement their pole training.

    At the end of their session, students must complete a 3 minute cool down free dance before leaving.

    Please note:
    18 minutes of your training are reserved for mandatory warmup (15minutes) and cool down (3 minutes). Plan accordingly.

    - If you feel intimidated by this, then you are welcome to get the instructor’s approval to observe the class first.

    Mandatory Class Etiquette:
    - The word “CAN’T” is prohibited.
    - Leave all personal items in designated area.
    - Only grip aide, towel and mat allowed in practice area (no phones)
    - Silence cell phones
    - Absolutely no texting or non training-related talking in practice area.
    - If you need to use your phone take it outside.
    - Please respect the student-teacher relationship and follow any request from your teacher.
    - Please stay on your own mat and refrain from talking to and assisting other students.
    - Please do not work on any new tricks unless agreed upon with your teacher.
    - Respect your limits, listen to your body and when in doubt consult your instructor.
    - Practice with care and consideration towards yourself and others.
    - Refrain from eating at least 2 hours prior to and 30 minutes after your practice.
    - Drink plenty of water after your practice.
    - Be sure that you are groomed and clean, personal hygiene is an integral part of practicing pole.
    - Remove lotion or oils on all body parts prior to class.
    - Grip aide should be applied to the body not the pole.
    - You must clean your pole thoroughly from top to bottom upon class completion.