DEEP FLEXIBILITY TRAINING BY SUCHI (Highly Recommended For All Levels)

*This class is highly recommended for all levels. In this 90-Minute class you will: Improve flexibility, strength, stability, circulation and mobility while learning mindfulness practices such as various meditation practices. Learn the proper and safe technique to enhance your flexibility to achieve left, right and middle splits    Dress Appropriately: Dress Comfortably in warm attire such as long sleeve shirt, sweat pants, leg warmers, yoga pants, tights, etc. *YOGA MAT REQUIRED (Available for rent at the front desk) Please arrive at least 15 min early to allow yourself time for parking and class preparation. Late Policy: If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, we reserve the right to give your place to another student on the waiting list. Cancellation Policy: We have a 12-hr cancellation Policy. If you late cancel you will loose your class credit. *Monthly members will be charged $19 every-time you late cancel.